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Jawaban apa manfaat/fungsi hand sanitizer​

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Jika kamu sedang mencari jawaban atas pertanyaan: apa manfaat/fungsi hand sanitizer​, maka kamu berada di tempat yang tepat.
Disini ada beberapa jawaban mengenai pertanyaan tersebut. Silakan baca lebih lanjut.


apa manfaat/fungsi hand sanitizer​

Jawaban #1 untuk Pertanyaan: apa manfaat/fungsi hand sanitizer​


Applicable Scene

Home, office scene, school, going out

Bacteria are everywhere in our environment!

1.[Staphylococcus aureus] can cause skin infections and throat inflammation;

2.[E.coli] can cause gastrointestinal infections or urinary tract infections;

3.[Influenza viruses] are human influenza, avian influenza, swine flu and other people and The cause of animal disease.

The first of the World Health Organization’s recommendations for virus protection is hand washing. It can effectively prevent viruses and bacteria, reduce people’s sickness and diarrhea by 23-40%, and protect one-fifth of children from pneumonia.

Product Advantages

CLEACE 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, containing 75% Alcohol, effectively kills bacteria and prevents viruses, starting from the source!

1.Scientific ratio and continuous bacteriostasis

The bacteriostatic rate is as high as 99.99%, which directly eliminates common bacteria such as E.coli, forms a sterilizing protective layer on the skin surface, and effectively inhibits bacteria regeneration.

2.glycerin essence, carefor your hands

Specially added glycerin essence and moisturizing ingredients, lasting skin care, long-term moisture retention, moisturizing hands.

3.Patented bottle design, easy to carry

A variety of optional package specifications to meet different travel needs, protection at any time.


Sekian tanya-jawab mengenai apa manfaat/fungsi hand sanitizer​, semoga dengan ini bisa membantu menyelesaikan masalah kamu.

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